Some people make music.

Other people break music.

DJ Kid Tronic, resident of Toronto’s Underground Entertainment scene is a trendsetting music breaker who has been exploring and dissecting music since the age of 12. Growing up in the Greater Toronto Area, a place where music was the official language 2nd only to English, Kid Tronic drew his earliest influences from his childhood years growing up in Toronto suburb, Markham, ON. Later, when he learned to slice samples of music he liked, and rearrange them with an editor, the emergence of a new era of DJ was upon us.

DJ Kid Tronic has a wide range of musical specialties, but where he is most prolific is in House and Dance music. His selections take you on a journey “under” the underground, where you can rely on his musical aptitude to expose and introduce you to music you’ve never heard before, while making you dance and vibe all night long as if you’d hand-picked the playlist yourself. True connoisseurs of the music recognize his gift, new listeners simply admire it. An attribute that sets DJ Kid Tronic’s style of play from the mainstream, is that he exercises his right as a DJ to indulge his creative freedom when releasing the music from the confines of his hard drive into the atmosphere of listening ears. His technical knowledge of music stems also from a history of playing the piano which broadened his horizons beyond the boundaries of Urban music. Among his many influences include Diplo, Madlib, Mark Knight, Nic Fanciulli, and Munchi .

DJ Kid Tronic may not be a household name as yet, but with his growing domination of the after-hours circuit, he is well on his way. Kid Tronic has been a resident at popular “club district” nightclubs Mansion and Loft, and currently you can catch him spinning at clubs like Dazzling, The Social, Unit Bar and famed Andy’s Poolhall.

With a multitude of Top 40 deejays across the city, DJ Kid Tronic is a true alternative to the status quo. He is a fun-loving, generous soul who bears a gift that he chooses to share with the world. If you want to hear something (or someone) new and fresh, DJ Kid Tronic is exactly what your party needs.


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- Bio written by Darling Nicky