That Feel EP

Track Of The Moment: Sweater Beats – Do It For Me feat. Erin Marshall

It’s been a little bit since I’ve posted a track I really love on this site, but nothing has really gotten to me like this song. Sweater Beats – hailing from Los Angeles – has pretty much dropped all his usual sampling techniques to produce some original music, and the outcome has been nothing but amazing. “Do It For Me” featuring the vocal talents of Erin Marshall is a dope bouncy track that’s quite relaxing but still causing you to do a little two step.

His “That Feel” EP is out right now so make sure you go and listen to the rest of it. He’s definitely one of my favourite producers to emerge in the last year.

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Track Of The Moment: Astronomar – Jocular

This song is by far one of my most asked about/Shazam’d songs. It’s such a bouncy & catchy beat that I usually use this track (among others) to get the dance floor started.

The track is off his “Y’all Know” EP released March 2012 on Top Billin Records. He recently revealed that, surprising to him, the title track has been the best selling track off that EP which is also the track he was the most unsure about. It’s an EP definitely worth checking out.

Don’t forget to listen to the interview I conducted as part of The Playground with Astronomar & his dope mix.

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Clash Of The Damned

Track Of The Moment: DJ Sliink vs. Bert On Beats – RRR U

Check out this track released yesterday (December 4th, 2012) from Trouble & Bass’ compilation album “Clashed Of The Damned”.

As the description says of the track says, it really is “Big-room rave meets Jersey Club”. You can definitely hear Bert On Beats ravey bass line easily fall into Sliink’s Jersey/Trap sound. Go and buy the track and/or the rest of the compilation today!

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Track Of The Moment: Santé feat. Lorenzo Hall – Homegirl


I can’t remember what mix I heard this song in (probably one of the Defected podcasts) but instantly I loved the song. It might be because I was thinking of creating a song similar to it (I was in the process of lining up a producer & vocalist). I’ve been waiting for its’ release ever since.

Apparently this song was supposed to be released on Santé’s Avorte  a few months ago (appears to be a vinyl only release) but got a full release on Defected this week.

Be sure to go & buy this track

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Track Of The Moment: Breakbot feat. Irfane – One Out Of Two

I’ve been bumping the Oliver remix of this track for a while now (it’s even featured in an episode of my “Lazy Sunday” podcast). It’s always good to get creative visuals to go along with good music. It stars French singer & actress Alka Balbir, who is also the wife of Gaspard Augé (of Justice fame).

The track is from his upcoming album “Buy Your Side” but you can buy the single now!

Check it out and let me know what you think!

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Track Of The Moment: Claptone – Cream

I love the music that comes off  Exploited. I tweeted about this song a few weeks ago and it’s been on constant rotation since.

Claptone has been one of those mysterious projects that no one seems to know much about, but they’re releasing some really great music.

Like my last “Track Of The Moment”, this song also samples “The Charmels – As Long As I’ve Got You”

Check out the video below and go buy the single (and their other track “Good To You”) on Beatport today!

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